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Centaurea nigra, Lesser Knapweed


Common names: Lesser knapweed, common knapweed, black knapweed

Botanical name & synonyms:
Centaurea nigra, Centaurea jacea subsp. nigra, Centaurea nemoralis, Centaurea austriaca, Centaurea babingtonii, Centaurea commutata, Centaurea debeauxii subsp. nemoralis, Centaurea dubia subsp. nigra, Centaurea fulva, Centaurea inuloides, Centaurea jacea subsp. nigra, Centaurea leucocephala, Centaurea moritziana, Centaurea nervosa, Centaurea nigrescens, Centaurea nigricans, Centaurea obscura, Centaurea pectinata var. fuscata, Centaurea phrygia, Centaurea rufescens, Cyanus niger, Cyanus phrygius, Cyanus plumosus, Cyanus pumilus, Jacea nemoralis, Jacea nigra

Aster, daisy, sunflower (Asteraceae, Compositae)

  • native to Europe

  • perennial

  • 20 to 80 cm

  • flower VII to VIII

  • plant community: steppe meadow

  • for bees & bumblebees

  • medicinal & culinary herb

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 1,7 gram




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