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Cirsium arvense, Creeping Thistle


Common names: Creeping Thistle, Corn Thistle

Botanical name & synonyms:
Cirsium arvense, Breea arvensis, Breea dioica, Breea ochrolepidia, Breea praealta, Carduus arvensis, Carduus haemorrhoidalis, Carduus neglectus, Carduus serratuloides, Carduus setosus, Cephalonoplos arvense, Cephalonoplos ochrolepidium, Cirsium albicans, Cirsium argenteum, Cirsium dioicum, Cirsium halophilum, Cirsium horridum, Cirsium incanum, Cirsium macrostylon, Cirsium mutatum, Cirsium neglectum, Cirsium ochrolepidium, Cirsium praealtum, Cirsium ruthenicum, Cirsium sordidum, Cirsium stocksii, Cnicus arvensis, Cnicus lanatus, Cnicus macrostylus, Cnicus neglectus, Cnicus ruthenicus, Cynara repens, Serratula incana, Serratula setosa, Serratula spinosa

Aster, daisy, sunflower (Asteraceae, Compositae)

  • native to Europe

  • annual

  • 60 to 120cm

  • flower VII to IX

  • plant community: ruderal

  • for butterflies, for bees & bumblebees

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 1,1 gram




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