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Agrostis canina, Brown bent


Common names: Brown bent, velvet bent

Botanical name & synonyms:
Agrostis canina, Agraulus caninus, Agraulus pallidus, Agrestis canina, Agrostis affinis, Agrostis alba var. aristata, Agrostis alpina, Agrostis arenaria, Agrostis arenosa, Agrostis fascicularis, Agrostis geniculata, Agrostis glaucina, Agrostis hybrida, Agrostis leersii, Agrostis mutabilis, Agrostis nivea, Agrostis nobilis, Agrostis pallida, Agrostis stricta, Agrostis sudavica, Agrostis tenuis, Agrostis transsilvanica, Agrostis varians, Agrostis violaceopurpurea, Agrostis wightii, Avena canina, Milium caninum, Trichodium arenarium, Trichodium arenosum, Trichodium caninum, Trichodium coerulescens, Trichodium diffusum, Trichodium glaucinum, Trichodium kitaibelii, Trichodium montanum, Trichodium niveum, Trichodium tenerrimum, Trichodium transsilvanicum, Trichodium turfosum, Vilfa vulgaris

Gramineae, true grasses (Poaceae)

  • native to Europe to temperate Asia

  • perennial

  • 20 to 60cm

  • flower VI to VIII

  • plant community: marsh meadow, shore

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 0,05 gram




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