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Agrostis capillaris, Common Bent


Common names: Common bent, colonial bent, browntop

Botanical name & synonyms:
Agrostis capillaris, Agrestis polymorpha, Agrostis atropurpurea, Agrostis atroviolacea, Agrostis ceretana, Agrostis claudii, Agrostis diffusa, Agrostis divaricata, Agrostis dubia, Agrostis ericetorum, Agrostis exilis, Agrostis hispida, Agrostis hornungiana, Agrostis laxa, Agrostis lithuanica, Agrostis maritima, Agrostis navarroi, Agrostis palustris var. stricta, Agrostis polymorpha, Agrostis pumila, Agrostis retroflexa, Agrostis rubra var. pumila, Agrostis simulans, Agrostis stricta, Agrostis sylvatica, Agrostis tarda, Agrostis tenuis, Agrostis trinervata, Agrostis umbrosa, Agrostis vernalis, Agrostis versicolor, Agrostis violacea, Agrostis vulgaris, Aira tenorei, Decandolia pumila, Decandolia vulgaris, Milium hispidum, Trichodium arenicola, Trichodium capillare, Trichodium strictum, Vilfa alba var. sylvatica, Vilfa divaricata, Vilfa hispida, Vilfa pumila, Vilfa sylvatica, Vilfa vulgaris

Gramineae, true grasses (Poaceae)

  • native to Europe to West-Asia

  • perennial

  • 20 to 60cm

  • flower VI to VIII

  • plant community: marsh meadow

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 0,1 gram




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