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Angelica sylvestris, Wild Angelica


Common names: Wild angelica

Botanical name & synonyms:
Angelica sylvestris, Angelica alpina, Angelica apiifolia, Angelica brachyradia, Angelica ebulifolia, Angelica elata, Angelica elatior, Angelica flavescens, Angelica globifera, Angelica illyrica, Angelica macrophylla, Angelica major, Angelica minor, Angelica montana, Angelica nemorosa, Angelica pancicii, Angelica pratensis, Angelica razulii, Angelica reuteri, Angelica ruthenica, Angelica villosa, Angelica zapateri, Angelophyllum dahuricum, Archangelica major, Athamanta sylvestris, Imperatoria angelica, Imperatoria flavescens, Imperatoria montana, Imperatoria sylvestris, Peucedanum angelica, Selinum agriangelica, Selinum angelica, Selinum pubescens, Selinum sylvestre

Carrot, parsley (Apiaceae, Umbelliferae)

  • native to Europe

  • perennial

  • 80 to 200 cm

  • flower VII to VIII

  • plant community: wet meadow, marsh meadow

  • medicinal & culinary herb

  • cold germinate

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 2 gram




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