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Bromus erectus, Upright brome


Common names: Upright brome, meadow brome

Botanical name & synonyms:
Bromus erectus, Bromopsis alexeenkoi, Bromopsis aspera, Bromopsis condensata, Bromopsis erecta, Bromopsis gordjaginii, Bromopsis microchaeta, Bromopsis permixta, Bromopsis syriacus, Bromopsis transsilvanica, Bromus agrestis, Bromus angustifolius, Bromus arvensis, Bromus asper, Bromus bertolae, Bromus caprearum, Bromus caprinus, Bromus collinus, Bromus dolichostachys, Bromus glabriflorus, Bromus glaucus, Bromus heterophyllus, Bromus longiflorus, Bromus macounii, Bromus microchaetus, Bromus microtrichus, Bromus montanus, Bromus odoratus, Bromus pauciflorus, Bromus perennis, Bromus permixtus, Bromus pratensis, Bromus pseudoarvensis, Bromus pubiflorus, Bromus racemiferus, Bromus stenophyllus, Bromus subrectus, Bromus transsilvanicus, Festuca aspera, Festuca erecta, Festuca fagetina, Festuca hirta, Forasaccus erectus, Schedonorus erectus, Schedonorus laxus, Serrafalcus pratensis, Zerna angustifolia, Zerna condensata, Zerna erecta, Zerna erecta, Zerna microchaeta, Zerna permixta, Zerna transsilvanica

Gramineae, true grasses (Poaceae)

  • native to Europe

  • perennial

  • 30 to 100cm

  • flower VI to VII

  • plant community: nutrient-poor grassland

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 5 gram




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