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Bromus hordeaceus, Soft brome


Common names: Soft brome, bull grass, soft chess, soft cheat

Botanical name & synonyms:
Bromus mollis, Bromus hordeaceus, Bromus affinis, Bromus arenarius, Bromus atticus, Bromus baumgartenii, Bromus braunii, Bromus compactus, Bromus confertus, Bromus coytaei, Bromus demissus, Bromus ferronii, Bromus glomeratus, Bromus javorkae, Bromus leptostachys, Bromus lloydianus, Bromus megapotamicus, Bromus molliformis, Bromus simplicissimus, Bromus thominii, Bromus tunetanus, Bromus velutinus, Forasaccus mollis, Serrafalcus ferronii, Serrafalcus hordeaceus, Serrafalcus lloydianus, Serrafalcus molliformis, Serrafalcus mollis, Serrafalcus pauciflorus, Serrafalcus rigens, Serrafalcus siculus, Serrafalcus thominii, Serrafalcus tinei

Gramineae, true grasses (Poaceae)

  • native to Europe, West-Asia, North-Africa

  • annual

  • 10 to 90cm

  • flower V to VI

  • plant community: ruderal

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 3,5 gram




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