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Cirsium vulgare, Spear Thistle


Common names: Spear thistle, Scotch thistle, Common thistle, Scottish thistle

Botanical name & synonyms:
Cirsium vulgare, Ascalea lanceata, Ascalea lanceolata, Carduus divaricatus, Carduus firmus, Carduus lanceolatus, Carduus vulgaris, Chamaepeuce firma, Cirsium abyssinicum, Cirsium auriculatum, Cirsium balearicum, Cirsium britannicum, Cirsium dubium, Cirsium firmum, Cirsium fraternum, Cirsium lanceolatum, Cirsium lanigerum, Cirsium leucanicum, Cirsium linkii, Cirsium longespinosum, Cirsium microcephalum, Cirsium mielichhoferi, Cirsium misilmerense, Cirsium spurium, Cirsium strigosum, Cnicus firmus, Cnicus lanceolatus, Cnicus misilmerensis, Cnicus strigosus, Cynara lanceata, Eriolepis lanceolata, Lophiolepis dubia

Aster, daisy, sunflower (Asteraceae, Compositae)

  • native to Europe, West-Asia, North-West-Africa

  • annual

  • 60 to 120cm

  • flower VI to IX

  • plant community: ruderal, wasteland

  • for butterflies

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 2,5 gram




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