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Fraxinus excelsior, European ash


Common names: European ash, Ash, Common ash

Botanical name & synonyms:
Fraxinus excelsior, Aplilia laciniata, Aplilia pendula, Fraxinus acutifolia, Fraxinus amarissima, Fraxinus apetala, Fraxinus appendiculata, Fraxinus ararica, Fraxinus atra, Fraxinus atrovirens, Fraxinus aurea, Fraxinus baurieri, Fraxinus biloba, Fraxinus boitrayana, Fraxinus boscii, Fraxinus brevidentata, Fraxinus bumelia, Fraxinus burgalensis, Fraxinus ceretanica, Fraxinus concavifolia, Fraxinus crispa, Fraxinus cucullata, Fraxinus dodei, Fraxinus eliae, Fraxinus exoniensis, Fraxinus fungosa, Fraxinus globosa, Fraxinus glomerata, Fraxinus grandifolia, Fraxinus heterophylla, Fraxinus humilis, Fraxinus integrifolia, Fraxinus intermedia, Fraxinus laciniata, Fraxinus linearis, Fraxinus lucida, Fraxinus microphylla, Fraxinus monophylla, Fraxinus nana, Fraxinus ochrochlora, Fraxinus oxyodon, Fraxinus pendula, Fraxinus polemonifolia, Fraxinus pumila, Fraxinus purpurascens, Fraxinus retorta, Fraxinus scolopendrifolia, Fraxinus scolopendrium, Fraxinus simplicifolia, Fraxinus spectabilis, Fraxinus stenobotrys, Fraxinus steudelii, Fraxinus streptocarpa, Fraxinus striata, Fraxinus stricta, Fraxinus strigata, Fraxinus subcordata, Fraxinus verrucosa, Leptalix atrovirens, Leptalix nana, Ornus striata, Ornus strigata


  • native to Europe, West-Asia

  • deciduous tree to 40m height

  • flower IV to V

  • medicinal plant

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 66,7 gram




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