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Molinia caerulea, Purple moor grass


Common names: Purple moor grass

Botanical name & synonyms:
Molinia caerulea, Aira atrovirens, Aira caerulea, Amblytes caerulea, Arundo agrostis, Cynodon caeruleus, Enodium atrovirens, Enodium caeruleum, Enodium litorale, Enodium sylvaticum, Festuca caerulea, Hydrochloa caerulea, Melica alpina, Melica arundinacea, Melica atrovirens, Melica caeruleam, Melica divaricata, Melica sylvatica, Melica variabilis, Molinia altissima, Molinia arundinacea, Molinia bertinii, Molinia depauperata, Molinia euxina, Molinia horanszkyi, Molinia hungarica, Molinia litoralis, Molinia minor, Molinia pocsii, Molinia rivulorum, Molinia simonii, Molinia sylvatica, Molinia ujhelyii, Molinia varia, Molinia variabilis, Poa caerulea

Gramineae, true grasses (Poaceae)

  • native to Europe to West-Asia, North-Africa

  • perennial

  • 50 to 100cm

  • flower VI to VIII

  • plant community: wet meadow, marsh meadow

  • cold germinate

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 1 gram




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