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Phillyrea latifolia, Mock privet


Common names: Mock privet

Botanical name & synonyms:
Phillyrea latifolia, Olea latifolia, Phillyrea aeolica, Phillyrea arbutifolia, Phillyrea barceloi, Phillyrea buxifolia, Phillyrea cadevallii, Phillyrea cordifolia, Phillyrea daveauana, Phillyrea ellipticifolia, Phillyrea foliosa, Phillyrea grandifolia, Phillyrea ilicifolia, Phillyrea integrifolia, Phillyrea isabelis, Phillyrea laevis, Phillyrea levis, Phillyrea ligustrifolia, Phillyrea longifolia, Phillyrea longifolia, Phillyrea major, Phillyrea martini, Phillyrea media, Phillyrea obliqua, Phillyrea oblongifolia, Phillyrea oleifolia, Phillyrea pedunculata, Phillyrea pendula, Phillyrea quercifolia, Phillyrea racemosa, Phillyrea rubioana, Phillyrea stricta, Phillyrea subangustifolia, Phillyrea trabutii, Phillyrea valentina, Phillyrea variabilis, Phillyrea virgata, Phillyrea vulgaris


  • native to South-Europe, North-Africa, southwestern Asia

  • evergreen shrub

  • 300 to 600cm

  • flower III to V

  • moderately frost resistant

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 100 gram




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