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Ricinus communis, Castor bean, Castor oil plant


Common names: Castor bean, Castor oil plant

Botanical name & synonyms:
Ricinus communis, Cataputia major, Cataputia minor, Croton spinosus, Ricinus africanus, Ricinus angulatus, Ricinus armatus, Ricinus atropurpureus, Ricinus badius, Ricinus borboniensis, Ricinus cambodgensis, Ricinus compactus, Ricinus digitatus, Ricinus europaeus, Ricinus gibsonii, Ricinus giganteus, Ricinus glaucus, Ricinus inermis, Ricinus japonicus, Ricinus krappa, Ricinus laevis, Ricinus leucocarpus, Ricinus lividus, Ricinus macrocarpus, Ricinus macrophyllus, Ricinus medicus, Ricinus medius, Ricinus megalosperma, Ricinus megalospermus, Ricinus messeniacus, Ricinus metallicus, Ricinus microcarpus, Ricinus minor, Ricinus nanus, Ricinus obermannii, Ricinus peltatus, Ricinus perennis, Ricinus persicus, Ricinus purpurascens, Ricinus ruber, Ricinus rugosus, Ricinus rutilans, Ricinus sanguineus, Ricinus scaber, Ricinus speciosus, Ricinus spectabilis, Ricinus tunisensis, Ricinus undulatus, Ricinus urens, Ricinus viridis, Ricinus vulgaris, Ricinus zanzibarensis, Ricinus zanzibarinus

Spurge (Euphorbiaceae)

  • native to eastern Mediterranean Basin, eastern Africa and India

  • perennial shrub or tree, to 12m hight

  • annual or container plant in temperate regions

  • poison and medicinal plant

  • ornamental plant

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 500 gram




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