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Salvia verbenaca, Wild Clary


Common names: Wild clary, Wild sage

Botanical name & synonyms:
Salvia verbenaca, Horminum verbenacum, Larnastyra verbenaca, Gallitrichum verbenacum, Sclarea verbenaca, Salvia pyrenaica, Salvia clandestina, Salvia agrestis, Salvia horminioides, Salvia betonicifolia, Sclarea decidua, Sclarea viscosissima, Salvia verbenifolia, Salvia praecox, Salvia oblongata, Salvia verbenacoides, Salvia disermas, Salvia multifida, Salvia spielmanniana, Salvia illyrica, Salvia spielmannii, Salvia polymorpha, Salvia laciniata, Salvia erosa, Salvia acutata, Salvia claytonii, Salvia obtusata, Salvia parviflora, Salvia clandestinoides, Horminum sylvestre, Salvia pallidiflora, Salvia hiemalis, Salvia vivianii, Salvia neglecta, Salvia ceratophylla, Salvia collina, Salvia controversa, Salvia variabilis, Salvia dubia, Flipanta ovata, Larnastyra claytonii, Salvia sibthorpii, Salvia lowei, Salvia rugosissima, Salvia ambigua, Gallitrichum rubellum, Gallitrichum stereocaulon, Salvia cleistogama, Gallitrichum anglicum, Gallitrichum arvale, Gallitrichum clandestinum, Gallitrichum dichroanthum, Gallitrichum maculatum, Gallitrichum pallidiflorum, Gallitrichum ptychophyllum, Gallitrichum rosulatum, Gallitrichum virgatum, Gallitrichum candollei, Gallitrichum horminioides, Salvia candollei, Salvia ochroleuca, Salvia sabulicola, Salvia anglica, Salvia clandestina var. hiemalis, Salvia oblongata, Salvia linnaei, Salvia domenechii, Salvia sennenii, Salvia rhodantha, Sclarea rhodantha

Mint, deadnettle (Lamiaceae, Labiatae)

  • native to Mediterranean region, West Europe, Canary Islands

  • perennial

  • 45 to 60cm

  • needs full sonny position in Central Europe

  • for bees and butterflies

  • weight of 1000 seeds = 10 gram




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