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Succisa pratensis, Devil's-bit Scabious


Common names: Devil's-bit Scabious, Devil's-bit

Botanical name & synonyms:
Succisa pratensis, Asterocephalus succisa, Lepicephalus succisa, Scabiosa borealis, Scabiosa glabrata, Scabiosa hirsuta, Scabiosa succisa, Succisa altissima, Succisa angustula, Succisa aurigerana, Succisa beugesiaca, Succisa brevis, Succisa cagiriensis, Succisa cuspidata, Succisa dentata, Succisa elliptica, Succisa fuchsii, Succisa fuscescens, Succisa glabrata, Succisa gracilescens, Succisa hirsuta, Succisa incisa, Succisa laetevirens, Succisa microcephala, Succisa palustris, Succisa parvula, Succisa platyphylla, Succisa praemorsa, Succisa prativaga, Succisa procera, Succisa propera, Succisa pyrenaea, Succisa rhodanensis, Succisa sabauda ,Succisa stricta, Succisa sylvatica, Succisa tardans, Succisa viretorum, Succisa vogesiaca

Honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae)

  • native to temperate Europe to West Asia, N-Africa

  • perennial

  • 20 to 80cm

  • flower VII to IX

  • plant community: fresh meadow

  • for bees, for butterflies

  • weight of 1 000 seeds = 1,6 gram




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